Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear MMA,

Husband, as you know, laser printing has been your business for over a decade. During your tenure, we have been without printing capability at home for about 5 of those years (on and off.) Case in point, remember the time you snatched the printer from our home because a customer wanted a good used work horse just like it? As I recall, I didn't get another one for more than a year. I had to borrow (gasp) an ink-jet from my SIL to hold us over. The cobblers children, as they say, go without shoes.

I know, you do not sell laser printers, per se, for a living. Still. I know you are the kind of man that takes care of your business. I bragged all about it here. Let's pretend I am your customer and I need to place a
big, big, order. But this order is contingent on having a machine to print with.

Please hook me up with reliable at home printing so I can continue to turn the fabulous money saving tricks at the store which require me to print online coupons. Its a hobby I enjoy and it anti-costs us money and I missed out on some great deals these last couple of weeks.

If an all-in-one fax, scanner, printer were to make its way into our home, I would treat it like a member of our
very family!

Your Superstar

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One finger says to the other...

I've been busy making my bathroom all nicey, nice. You'll see soon.

And another thing, do you know what today is?
Not my birthday.
Not my anniversary.
Today is the day you show yourself.

Who knows the source of this little bit?

"We're going streaking. Through the quad...C'mon everybody!"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Me: Nasty Girl!

I'm in a funk. I can't seem to get it together. My house is a mess. honestly, its more than a mess, its dirty. It's so dirty that picking up the broom to sweep seems to be more about stirring up dust than doing anything productive. That's the truth I'm telling myself to keep from cleaning.

We are in the middle of "projects." A friend charitably referred to it as "remodeling." That's a stretch but I'll take that excuse. I'm so not motivated to clean or make my home presentable until its all done. There will be new carpet and tile (and that can be messy,) so its going to be weeks before I can make things right. Why clean in the interim?

Isn't it amazing how fast one can fall into the downward spiral when one knows that chaos is inevitable? Amazing how fast home sweet home can degenerate into crack house sweet crack house. I'm stepping over piles instead of picking them up because, why move them once, and move them again?

That's incredible lazy, isn't it?

I am lazy. I keep a yucky house. I'm a nasty girl!

"Only Child, put that used rusty needle down right now!"

This is a cry for help.

Leave the mess for two more weeks? Or push my lazy a$$ to clean now, clean in the middle and clean when its all said and done? A once over might make me feel a little better.

Maybe I just need to slum for a while; y'know, sow some wild oats and live on the wild side. I can always clean up my act when the house is all put back together. Right?