Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sick Days are...

Sick Days are all about learning things you didn't know about your family.

Our little one takes to any kind of music that he's exposed to and his recall is amazing. His repertoire includes all the classics.

It's not unusual to catch him singing bits of Beetles songs, Elton John, or Frank Sinatra. You'd crack up if you heard him singing Pancho and Lefty. At night we make up lyrics to Brahms lullaby to sing about what we did that day. Well, I guess he's got an ear for contemporary music, too...

Only Child woke up with a little fever, so we ditched school and decided to lay in bed all day in PJs. But that was only fun until about noon, and by then we had read his new Big Backyard magazine cover to cover, watched plenty of TV and played with all the upstairs toys.

We were getting hungry and Tasty Time with Ze Fronk gave us an idea to make popcorn with nuts and dried fruit. We have a rule in our house: if you're sick, you get to eat whatever you want.

The Tylenol was kicking in and things were looking up. Being silly in the kitchen, one thing led to another, and I busted out with a few lines from Blackeyed Peas "My Humps."

Only Child stops me and says wide-eyed, "Mommy, that's the song the clown was singing when Daddy took me to the mall. I like that song."

I was puzzled, yes, but we were having fun, so I didn't dwell. He already knew the "Whatcha gonna do with all that junk" part. Which freed me up to be just Fergie. Minus the vulgar jeans, with slightly tweaked lyrics, but I was feeling it, sure.

I was playing to the BEST audience. Lot's of giggles and applause.

A little later, after we ate our snack he says, "Mommy, sing that song again that I like........and this time wiggle."

["Say what!?"]

I can't wait for Daddy to get home to explain the clown and the mall and what a three year old knows about wiggling.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Devil inside, Devil Inside

Did you see that sweet little cherub-faced child I spoke of last time? His head started spinning on me yesterday. It was frightful. We had our first big out-of-control tantrum and by the end we were both crying.

(No, I mean like a, "Call in the Doctor" kinda ordeal.)

We had a busy day on Sunday, so we got an early start. I guess his exhaustion had been mounting over the weekend because naps were missed and he had some late nights with dad while mommy was out with friends Friday and Saturday. Rare occasion, trust me.

So he fell asleep in the car on the way home. It was late afternoon and things got crazy in the blink of an eye. He was such a wild animal to get out, I had to enlist the help of MMA, because I feared for my safety, and his. MMA had him in the football hold and I remember seeing little feet and arms going in every direction. 35 pounds of flailing boy is a force to be reckoned with.

We put him to bed where he proceeded to scream, jump and claw like a trapped fox. I am sure the neighbors must have thought we were skinning him. His behaviour was scary and I had a sinking feeling it was going to get worse before it got better.

So he had the meltdown of his life while running around his room pushing over furniture and toys, pounding on his chest...he even peed in his pants! It was surreal, creepy, manic. I think I saw some foam forming at the corners of his lips.

Realizing that the 200 lb dresser is not bolted to the wall, I was afraid to leave him.

These are things he actually said...

"Mommy, what's happening to me?"

["You have been possessed by an evil-spirit, my child."]

Mommy, I am scared! Make it stop!

["I'm not you're mommy, I'm Anthony's mommy. Where is he?"]

"Why am I shaking like this? It won't stop."

[Will the sign of the cross burn him? "The power of Christ compels you."]

"Help me Mommy! Make it stop!"

I jest now, but the tears were welling up at the sight of my little guy taken over by this horrible monster.

Finally, in exhaustion, he gave in to being changed and rocked and the slow deep breathing came over him. Then, like he had was waking from a bad dream, he turned to me and said, "Mommy, what was that?" And a few moments later he was asking for food and smiling that sweet smile all over again.

Holy Hell, ladies, what was that??? Experienced moms of the world, don't forsake me now.