Friday, May 1, 2009

Prom Queen

Peep Toe Pumps and Pearls is my cute blogger friend (Jill) who is everything girly, pink and uptown. She invited me to participate in a little self-hazing ritual, she calls the Prom Queen Post. (You post your prom picture and everyone gets to laugh at your big hair.)

I laughed out loud when I saw Peep Toe's pictures because no one was immune to the Glenn Close hair that took over! She and I are close in age and we're both from Houston...let me just say that
prom in Texas, in the 9o's, was all about big permed hair and sequins. Think: beauty pageant gone terribly wrong.

And just for fun here's a link to the pop music charts from the year I went to prom...Yes, I do remember dancing to MC Hammer in that dress. I probably left a trail of red sequins everywhere I went. Do you remember being eighteen and dancing to Baby Got Back (and feeling it?) Maybe that was just me. I can only laugh about it because, to the best of my knowledge, no video evidence of this mayhem exists.

OK, laugh away, and then post your pictures!