Friday, April 9, 2010

On the Other Side of the World, Right Now...

As many of you know, my brother Lee and his wife Shawn are serving in the Peace Corp in Kyrgyzstan.

Earlier this week there was a violent uprising over government corruption spurred by a 200% increase in the cost of fuel (as I understand the situation.) There was rioting in the streets and many people were injured, some killed.

And just like that, the old government is out and a new regime has taken over.

Lee and Shawn have been evacuated by the PC and are safe but they've been asked not to disclose their location and they currently have no internet access. Our family is praying that they stay safe. But for now, we have no idea what this means for the remaining few months of their two year commitment.

You may never have heard of this little country that borders China and Russian. But I expect we'll all be hearing more about it, because it houses an American military base where our troops and supplies converge en route to Afghanistan.

It goes without saying that taking on a volunteer assignment in that part of the world is inherently risky. Particularly for Americans?

Please say a quick prayer for Lee and Shawn and their colleagues. I know they would also appreciate us thinking, too, about the friends they've made in the Krgyz locals and what this will mean for their future.