Friday, January 16, 2009

Dear MMA,

Husband, as you know, laser printing has been your business for over a decade. During your tenure, we have been without printing capability at home for about 5 of those years (on and off.) Case in point, remember the time you snatched the printer from our home because a customer wanted a good used work horse just like it? As I recall, I didn't get another one for more than a year. I had to borrow (gasp) an ink-jet from my SIL to hold us over. The cobblers children, as they say, go without shoes.

I know, you do not sell laser printers, per se, for a living. Still. I know you are the kind of man that takes care of your business. I bragged all about it here. Let's pretend I am your customer and I need to place a
big, big, order. But this order is contingent on having a machine to print with.

Please hook me up with reliable at home printing so I can continue to turn the fabulous money saving tricks at the store which require me to print online coupons. Its a hobby I enjoy and it anti-costs us money and I missed out on some great deals these last couple of weeks.

If an all-in-one fax, scanner, printer were to make its way into our home, I would treat it like a member of our
very family!

Your Superstar


Aggie2percenter said...

Ouch! You cut me deep!

Girly Stuff said...

Desperation is painful to witness.

C'mon MMA! Hook our sista up!

She is at her best when she is saving money! You know this!

Tooj said...

PS - A pretty printer equals a Happy Helper. :) I hope you get your request. You KNOW how slow those "tech stores" can respond.

Woman Interrupted said...

All engines are a go! The old printer is working again and MMA was no where near my desk since my post...did I will this to happen with my super-mind-power?

I am just happy and thankful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lilly!
I feel your pain. I always ask Jeff if he's ever heard the saying "The cobbler's children have no shoes" He never answers. I just got my printer hooked up two weeks ago. Holla! I'll put Jeff on it. ~ Julie