Monday, January 12, 2009

Me: Nasty Girl!

I'm in a funk. I can't seem to get it together. My house is a mess. honestly, its more than a mess, its dirty. It's so dirty that picking up the broom to sweep seems to be more about stirring up dust than doing anything productive. That's the truth I'm telling myself to keep from cleaning.

We are in the middle of "projects." A friend charitably referred to it as "remodeling." That's a stretch but I'll take that excuse. I'm so not motivated to clean or make my home presentable until its all done. There will be new carpet and tile (and that can be messy,) so its going to be weeks before I can make things right. Why clean in the interim?

Isn't it amazing how fast one can fall into the downward spiral when one knows that chaos is inevitable? Amazing how fast home sweet home can degenerate into crack house sweet crack house. I'm stepping over piles instead of picking them up because, why move them once, and move them again?

That's incredible lazy, isn't it?

I am lazy. I keep a yucky house. I'm a nasty girl!

"Only Child, put that used rusty needle down right now!"

This is a cry for help.

Leave the mess for two more weeks? Or push my lazy a$$ to clean now, clean in the middle and clean when its all said and done? A once over might make me feel a little better.

Maybe I just need to slum for a while; y'know, sow some wild oats and live on the wild side. I can always clean up my act when the house is all put back together. Right?


Girly Stuff said...

When you have the burning barrel to stay warm in the corner of your living room and you've sold the TV so it doesn't have to be dusted off...that will be rock bottom! And you know I will never let that happen, Whitney. So you tell Bobby to bust out the Pine-Sol and get started on the downstairs while you go upstairs and take the rusty needle out of Only Child's hand!

chacha said...

Oh, have I been at this very point for months now. MONTHS. During the high point of the construction when dust was everywhere, kitchen was gutted down to the studs, no cabinets, sink, etc, I didn't bother cleaning. It just felt completely futile. I think the best I did was keep the bathrooms clean.

Now? I'm trying a bit harder to maintain some kind of order. I think it boils down to "how long until everything is done with your upgrades?"

For us, we have several more months of this mess to get through, so I had to start cleaning or it would have been downright unlivable. That being said, we are always in a state of slight mess, with construction tools, materials, etc, hanging out in the living room and family room. I you have maybe 1 or 2 weeks until all is said and done, then I'd be apt to be lazy about it. More than that, and you might as well clean up for your sanity.

Aggie2percenter said...

It reminds me of college.