Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One finger says to the other...

I've been busy making my bathroom all nicey, nice. You'll see soon.

And another thing, do you know what today is?
Not my birthday.
Not my anniversary.
Today is the day you show yourself.

Who knows the source of this little bit?

"We're going streaking. Through the quad...C'mon everybody!"


Girly Stuff said...

"You too Snoop, Snoop-a-loop...bring your green hat!"

Hello M&M! It's your day!

Just comment already! JUST COMMENT! YOU CAN DO IT!

Vintagesquirrel said...

And then on to the gymnasium! LOVED that movie!!!

Thanks for stopping by my lil ole blog... (come on back, will ya?)

Tooj said...

I never lurk, I always comment! LOL Can't stand not to be heard or show love. But if you mean come out of anon following...well, that's another story entirely. :)

Aggie2percenter said...

I don't understand all of your Blogging lingo.

chacha said...

Hank the Tank!

Somehow I missed this post and I missed delurker day! Damn!

Anyway. I can't really delurk since I have always been open about my stalking your blog.

Is the "bring your green hat" from Elf?

You guys are crazy Will Ferrell, fans, aren't you.

Woman Interrupted said...

Thank you for stalking by...I always wanted a stalker!

I guess I am a Will Ferrell fan. I just hope he doesn't get struck by the SNL curse. Have we lost enough comedic geniuses?

Miss Priss said...

I comment some days! I am not a complete lurker! BTW, the corner shelves are for sale if you do want them...