Monday, May 11, 2009

The truth about the Back Nine

How quickly time flies. I'm officially in the back nine.

Not feeling so dead sexy anymore, either. Everything (and I mean everything) is enormous and out of proportion. I'm feigning shock (if only to myself) when I, daily, pass a mirror and see that another part, seemingly unrelated to pregnancy, is blooming. Isn't that a delightful way to say it?

A huge compliment right now sounds something like,

"Wow, you're all baby!" or,

"I can't believe your 5 months pregnant already, you're so small." (Followed by an anecdote about you or someone you know to make me believe it.) ...Shameless prompting, huh?

I was at my aunt's nursing home the other day and a precious old lady asked me if I have any babies. I pointed, "that one over there is mine and I have another one on the way."

"I had a feeling," she said with a smile. It was very sweet and good lesson in how to gently approach the subject when you're not sure. And, considering I'm so clearly out of the closet, it was the cutest thing I'd heard all week!

I had to go to the store and buy some old lady sandals. Two weeks ago I dusted off some old kitten heels that I had not worn in four years just for a change. But I kept thinking of that kids' show Olivia, where the pigs are walking around on tip toes. I was afraid that I looked as absurd as I felt, and decided it wasn't worth the tripping hazard. My flip flops will do if there's not much walking, but I now need something more supportive for my rising dough feet. So when you see me strutting in my I heart Comfort sandals, just know that I'm under no illusions of dazzling anyone with my style. It's all much more primal right now.

And I've got to get some decent sleep. If I'm not up peeing, I'm flopping around trying to get comfortable. I disregarded the advice not to sleep on my back because it cuts off my blood flow, blah blah blah. (I can deal with a little light-headedness) until I read of my own accord that back sleeping also slows down digestion and can bring on hemorrhoids. OK, so now I'm scared straight, (that subject being a fate so disastrous that even doctors and BFFs don't like to talk about it.)

To aid me in sleeping on my side I was lodging three different pillows in strategic places that had to be constantly rearranged. Finally I gave up and bought a body pillow. But its going to take some getting used to because we're up half the night, me and "Stan," wrestling around like a couple of newlyweds trying out awkward positions while my poor husband gets edged closer and closer to insanity. And the couch. I give him another month.

I'm not hinting that I want the bed all to myself. I'm publicly announcing that I wouldn't blame him if he found a more restful spot to hunker down for the next few months.

And that ladies, is my truth about the back nine, minus a few details and specifics that could be deemed TMI for the gentler sex to read about.

Come back next week, same time same place, to read about my next adventure: shopping for a maternity bathing suit with a three year old in tow...


chacha said...

I am not scared to talk about hemorrhoids. Why? Because I am screwed. I already have them and haven't had any babies yet. So, yeah. Screwed. If and when I have kids I am frightened for my behind. No doubt I will have the surgery later in life (my mother had it done, my grandmother twice, her sister - basically, the entire maternal side of my family has them. They should do hemorrhoid research projects on my family).

Tooj said...

Oh oh I SO relate to all of this!! I nearly died laughing at the pigs tip toeing and your heels....that was hilarious. And a great visual, too. The wrestling over bed space, check. Three pillows, check. Needing a gentler approach to your blooming body, check. :) I can't wait to hear about your swim suit shopping.

Aggie2percenter said...

Your still dead sexy to me babe. I'm getting a little jealous of the pillow.

Girly Stuff said...

I am pretty sure my husband slept in the guest room the last 2 months of the second pregnancy. I had no shame the second time around. I slept diagonal in the bed with 5 pillows. And I never apologized for my behavior.

And what's the point of wearing cute shoes if you can't even see them? :)

jenjen said...

You crack me up! Oh, I remember those days. Good luck with the bathing suit shopping!


Sara said...

I've left you something on my blog,, please stop by!

Together We Save said...

I love this post. I remember these days.

Mother Hood said...

Oh HONEY! It totally sucks to be pregnant in the summer time! I have a September baby! Good luck with that swimsuit shopping!