Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Gosselin Prediction

The prediction? They're on their way out. We loved them back in the day, but now they're just another showbiz family. So unless the 'tups kids can sing and dance...

I was forewarned that this subject has already been much-blogged about. But I have to say something about Jon & Kate Pl
us 8 and how reality TV has taken the reality right out of their lives.

I watched on occasion; never faithfully. Once upon a time, MMA and I liked to giggle and watch as Type A mom manages her eight, make that, nine children. We were amused by the chaos and constant motion of their household. And, admittedly, watch
ing the show made us feel better about our day-to-day parenting and marital struggles.

Now I'm kind of over it.

One day I turned on the show and
realized that their day-to-day lives have become a blur of all expense paid trips, speaking engagements and celebrity perks, one after another. Kate makes no bones about it. Her family brings attention where ever they go, and that attention is a marketable asset.

"So, you want to put braces on my twins? That will cost you $14K apiece and we'll need your office as a green room during filming... You want us to stay at your hotel in Hawaii? You will have to fly out our family, extended family, and entourage of hired help and discuss the incidentals with our attorney... Sure, we can do a segment where we "shop" in your store for the show...and you will provide us with a year of groceries in exchange...and we eat only organic, by the way."

Now, on the one hand, who can blame them? They've got eight little bodies to Gymboree and people were going to peek in their windows anyway, (or so Kate has said on the show.) And now both Jon and Kate get to be stay at home parents with one additional responsibility: managing the family endorsements. They are not unlike the Jackson Five; they are the Gosselin Ten.

But on the other hand, its not as interesting to watch Kate march around a mansion with fancy highlights and a nanny two steps behind while she barks out orders and belittles her husband who now has no where else to be. Their life was never normal, but you have to admit the oh-my-God-how-will-they-do-it? factor made them more interesting. And with all the responsibilities of starring in a popular reality show, how much time is really devoted to the kids and how much goes into the family business?

Kate is a first-class stage mom, who reserves the spotlight for herself. We know how meticulous she is...whole shows have been dedicated to her obsessive behaviour. But that was comic relief, because no one is really that organized, right? Particularly not a mom with eight small kids, but she managed to have tight systems in place and bake homemade birthday cakes and sneak in numerous trips away with her husband before the big-money days. Now that Kate has willed and clawed her brood into reality show stardom, just think of the pimped out closets this has afforded her! Now she can match the kids every day of the week in...whatever celebrity moms dress their kids in these days.

It's become sort of a bizarre, Nick at Nite meets Dynasty with lots of unnecessary drama and at least six well-behaved kids; Mady, or Kate, being the Alexis-tyrant on any given episode.

But now that we know how they manage, (the family, in particular, the children, have been leveraged to afford the lifestyle they desired) I don't find them as endearing anymore. The kids are precious, don't get me wrong. I sincerely hope that their fifteen minutes doesn't haunt them later on down the road.

Jon & Kate's new house (check it out) is nothing short of a compound, very secluded, on acreage and is reportedly worth 1.3 million dollars. They've come a long way from the welfare days. (Those sextuplets have been worth their weight in gold, if its not to brassy of me to point out.)

It was a good ride. I enjoyed watching over the years, and look what a franchise they've become...

And now some delusional broad has just had eight babies by in vitro! You can take the girl with big dreams of turning her womb into a moneymaker out of the Jack in the Box... (And ya, if you have 14 babies without a man in the picture that pretty much makes you a "broad." Sorry Ms. Schmidt*)


Terra said...

Well said, and such a pleasure to read. You are very talented. I have seen the show a few times, likely less than 6, and thought many of the same thoughts of Kate, good for her as you say...they are taken care of, kids don't get to chose the life they live and whether or not they get 15 minutes but these kids did, and lets just hope if they need therapy the money will still be there for them. ANd as for the broad...the stories I am hearing are horrid and shameful and yes, she is just a broad in my eyes.

chacha said...

I find Kate to be kind of a bitch. I was never sure if I liked her but lately, I'm definitely not a fan (nevermind the latest thing I heard about her refusing to let TLC pay her SIL who was always on the show). It definitely was more interesting to see them in their regular Pennsylvania house, but not that they're living in a mansion of sorts, how "regular" are they? Once the kids are school age and not in the house 24-7, the show is done. They're 4 now, so I would bet it has maybe 1 more season left. Two at the most.

Heather said...

I have only seen one or two episodes, but I definitely agree with your comments.

Girly Stuff said...

One word chacha...HOMESCHOOL!

OMG! It will never end.

Until the Jack-in-the-Box chick gets her 15 minutes...or 14.

You are right on as usual WI! I'm glad you stayed strong and posted the post!

Mother Hood said...

Preach it girlfriend! That post just got you a blog follow! Girly sent me over. She knows how I feel about Kate "the hot mess" Gosselin, from my post "Jon & Kate vs. The Duggars".

Don't be surprised if a J&K+8 lover googles, finds your blog, and leaves a heated comment. Just speakin' from experience! ;)

Jill said...

I completely agree. I used to enjoy Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Lately, it hasn't been the same. I usually don't even watch a full episode. It just got kinda boring.

Aggie2percenter said...

Wow! I had completely lost interest in the show quite a while ago. I had no idea all of this drama was going on! Now I'm kind of ineterested again. I think you guys are underestimating Kate. Her bitchiness (a poor woman's Martha Stewart) could be a path to a completely new show. Jon & Kate plus 8 may be on its way out (in a couple of years), but I think Kate will be a staple for years to come on TLC.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I have never really watched but I totally agree in that the reason they became a sitcom and people watched is no longer the same reason they have a sitcom and people watch. They have the money and help they need now. And holy heck, I saw the house.