Monday, January 26, 2009

Silly Stuff

In response to Tooj's Board Games Gone Blog, I have all the answers. (I love board games, too!)

1. Things you shouldn't do with glue

Fix your split ends.

2. Things you shouldn't touch

If you are a guy, the "B" word, or the "C" word.

3. Things you'd like to do with chocolate

Melt it and dip things in it.

4. Things you shouldn't attempt at my age

low cut jeans/skinny jeans (they flatter no one, but teen-agers don't know any better.)

5. Things that should have an expiration date


6. Things you shouldn't do when you are naked

Ride in the back of a pick up truck, Tubing down the Guadalupe, Bungee jump...should I go on?

Silly, Silly! Have a great week!


Terra said...

Ok I am so wearing skinny jeans right now and frankly they are the only jeans that look ok on me! (LOL)but I have to admit Idon't let my love handles hang out like the teans do!!!!

Had fun reading this.

Tooj said...

Yea! LOL I'm loving the "fix split ends". OH MY GOSH. Love it.

Girly Stuff said...

Tubing down the Guadalupe Buck Naked...sounds like you have had personal experience! Was it cold?

I like to dip things in chocolate too! Remember M&M's chocolate fountain of goodness?

Kellie said...

You are a riot!

Jill said...

Ha ha. I need something to fix my split ends but you're right glue is probably a bad idea. :)

We had dinner at Yia Yia Mary's. It's in the Galleria area... so good. I love Niko Niko too. It's closer to my house but I didn't feel like standing in line. I was having a lazy day.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah, this is a funny one.

Re: your question on red curry paste - sorry you haven't found it. It was in the ethnic section near the hoisin, sweet and sour and duck sauce. Do you have any Asian markets near you???

Live.Love.Eat said...

P.S. It does come in a little jar and it's paste but if all you can find is a powder mix then I am sure that is better than nothing :)