Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nonsensical Ramblings on Music

I don't stay up on pop music unless its from (at least) 5 years ago. So, like I said, I don't stay up on music.

MMA, who is into music, introduces me to much of the new stuff that comes into our house. He is DJ extraordinaire for those famous happy hours and to say he does a brilliant job...that's like saying the sun is cool. Huh? Yeah.

Only Child loves to dance! So it has finally come to pass that I have the dance partner I always wanted. MMA's contribution is the music and the music always seems to compliment the feeling of the night. He even does last call music, which tells me when its time to start wrapping it up and putting a sleepy child to bed.

What happened to the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens? (Now known as Yusuf Islam.) How did such a beautiful voice get attached to such a weird guy? I just love that wind song of his.

I am also a Gordon Lightfoot fan. What is this stuff called? Folk music? It's so mellow and easy. It's easy like Sunday morning. If I had an easy listening folder on my MP3, it would definitely include these guys and the Indigo Girls and Wings. Maybe some Kenny Rogers.

I'm also a sucker for cheesy sounds of the 70s and 80s like the music from the Big Chill, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Air Supply...Blondie reminds me of riding home on the school bus in elementary. And here's a little family nugget for you, my SIL and I both ended up mysteriously pregnant a few weeks after having a dance-off to ABBA. The resulting little cousins are 3 weeks apart. (Mine's the goof ball.)

Hmm, time for another dance off?

Speaking of music, if my husband doesn't pick up Josh Groban's Christmas CD for my birthday that I asked for last year he will have thrice dissed me. Putting it on my MP3 is an acceptable option...

There's a song in my heart and the words are usually a little off. I get this from my mom and now I'm passing it on to my son. I heard the little guy singing American Boy to himself yesterday when he was playing with his trains (which I've been kind of humming and singing.) I was listening hard because there's this part I don't know the words to, so I wanted to see what he was putting in. It was all cute, nonsensical gibberish until the words kicked back in. His grandmother, watching us from Heaven, and I take full credit.

And, oh man, you should see his/our dance moves...

**Coming up in December, I am going to introduce you to the original Superstar of the family whom I just learned has been cast in a school play! We are so excited!


chacha said...

You had me at Indigo Girls and then you said Josh Groban and I stabbed my eardrums with a sharp pencil. :o)

Those two are too cute - I love their matching red sweater vests!

Tooj said...

Music can make for a very happy home. :) Keep up the dancing! It's good for the heart.

Aggie2percenter said...

You're my dancing queen! and my brown eyed girl.

Girly Stuff said...

So will Anthony push my wheelchair at the next Madonna concert?

It would be good to see DJ Jazzy MMA and his sidekick doin' a little "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith.

So was he trying to crawl on top of the train table to dance?

Michelle said...

Can't live without music. Dancing is good for the soul too :)

Your little one is sooooo adorable! I love the faces ;)

Liz said...

I'm still listening to Mazzy Star. The music train left me far behind.