Sunday, November 16, 2008

Binkie update

On Friday we went to HEB and Only Child picked out the most expensive Lightning McQueen ever. This is the new one that walks, dances, shimmies and shakes.

Totally out of character for me to readily part with plenty-a-bucks, but I couldn't refuse him this indulgence. This bribe, I figure, is a whole lot cheaper than braces will be. Even with M&M's friends and family discount (that we've never discussed but I'm sure exists.)

M&M, by the way, is my old friend from high school and you'll be meeting her soon along with some other special girls.

So Only Child's last binkie was bartered out of his sweet little hands with a present that he would later rue wholeheartedly.

For our last hurrah, we decided on a picnic of kolaches and donuts the next morning at the lake to finish what we started. He went right to sleep after Happy Hour. (No we didn't spike his drinks.) He only asked for the binkie once and didn't argue when I tucked-in the new car instead.

In hindsight, we should have had the exorcism before opening the toy. Because...

The power went out at about 1:30 am. This is a major deal in our house because the kid only sleeps to the white noise of a box fan and requires a night light. We should have learned our lesson during Ike and acquired battery-operated whatnots. What can I say? We are slow learners.

And on the very night he gave up his precious!

I spent what seemed like forever trying to comfort him in our bed. He was lobbying hard for it by then and the new car was trash. Finally, fatigued and having exhausted every argument he could manage, he announced, "I'm so sad because I want my binkie!" and broke down in full-body sobs.

Then he begged and pleaded because he knew it was still in the house.

God gave me strength for two, because the fight was long over for MMA. If Only Child had sensed a hint of the discord that was in our bed, the jig would have been up. I think I saw dad's emotion overflowing on to the pillow. I'm not sure, it was dark.

The nasty cold front winds finally blew through and the electricity eventually came back on. We made it through our first night, barely. And now we've made it through a second night. It really was like losing a dear friend for him and that was sad to watch.

Is anyone hearing me who has older kids? Is it easier to tell a teenager "no"?

Because the road is long and I've but little gas left in the tank.


Michelle said...

It is definitely easier to tell my 12 yr old no than it is to tell my 2 littler ones.

You did great MOM! When I stopped nursing I went through quite a few months afterwards where baby gave me those sad little eyes...I felt like I was damaging her psychologically. Funny thing, you couldn't make her take a breast now. LOL!

There will come a time when you show him a binkie and he looks at it like its a foreign object that he hates. LOL!

Tooj said...

I think you get to refill the tanks at certain least that's how I've managed to get by. :) I refilled in the year of age 2 because he was so good, and year of age 3 was...well, different. LOL Now I need to find a filling station QUICK because the year of age 4 is ROWDY and wee one is tearing me up! Good work with the binkie, you'll be much happier you did it now, before the anxiety of school and new friends and schedules takes hold.

Girly Stuff said...

You stayed so strong! Good for you!

So are you getting a generator now?

chacha said...

He is too cute - it had to be hard to say no. But you did the right thing and I have no idea about older children as I have none. And I'm an "only" so no siblings to reference either.

I'll be the one asking you guys for the advice when I finally have my own (whenever I can muster the selflessness to actually have children!).

Is it happy hour Friday yet?

Aggie2percenter said...

You're a rock hun! I'm a house of cards. I have no spine especially at 2 in the morning.