Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need a smoke...

Only now does Superstar fully realize the enormity of this storm that swept the nation with excitement and the giddy anticipation of new love.
I saw it coming, but I thought it was a Cat 2 and as it turns out, it was a Cat 4!

The news casters had a smile on their faces this morning that was reminiscent of great sex. And in a way, the coverage of this election was, for them, foreplay that culminated in a great consummation last night for all to see.

I got left out of the frenzy for two reasons. First, I can't get excited about liberal policy, so I could not be won over by the Obama-likability-factor (which is undeniable.) And second, a disappointed MMA cried himself to sleep before McCain even took the stage. So there I was, shut out, shut down and the party train left the station without me.


This was the outcome I expected, but the the hysteria I was unprepared for. The display at Grant Park was remarkable! I can't fully appreciate the significance of the night from the black perspective, but I am proud that this day has finally come (I just wish it had been Colin Powell.)

All the same, race played no part in my choice (and I hope not yours.) I voted for the candidate that I believed would better represent my agenda. And when every voter does that and we elect a minority to the top office, then we can say, "Now we're really getting somewhere."

But Rome wasn't built in a day and every step in the right direction, matters.

Now the great responsibility is on Barrack Obama to make positive changes, "yes you can" just like you promised. That's a tall order, but with the kind of resources at his disposal, I am hopeful.

In closing, my party was simply outmaneuvered at every turn by the Democratic machine. Their candidate was fresh and virile, ours represented old-white Washington. They wooed the young and undecided, we let too much slip through our fingers. Their army of brilliant minds left no stone uncovered and no opportunity to chance. Obama ran the marathon and sprinted home. McCain hobbled into second place, a dignified old man with unfortunate timing.

Hats-off on playing a winning hand, President-elect Obama & Co. You were a formidable opponent.

Conservative friends and fellow Americans, let's get back in the game and reinvent ourselves. Si, se puede, tambien...And aren't you glad we will not be inaugurating Madam President and First Husband?


Girly Stuff said...

Could we have endured Hillary? Are we a strong enough nation?

Actually, I couldn't have endured the media's handling of her for 4 years. They would have been persistent in her humiliation. Remember when they kept showing her face at that memorial. They never let up on her.

Terra said...

Enjoyed your post. I too expected the outcome we got but didn't expect it with such a fanfare...I am in mourning as many others, a little fearful but ready to face the next 4 years as a proud american either way!

Anna said...

You gotta light? I need one too. I am passionate about what I feel and want in our political leaders. I just didn't realize I was in the minority. Please Mr. Obama, make Americans responsible for their choices. Don't offend them by claiming they can't become wealthy without your help. I'm feeling bitter about you win, please prove me wrong.

Mc Allen said...

Oh yes, I feel ya... Very insightful post!! ;) LA

Aggie2percenter said...

Well said, but I don't know which is worse, THIS or madam president & first husband.

The part that really scares me is the amount of congressional and senate seats lost to the dark side. They called for change and it looks like we are going to get it.

Woman Interrupted said...

C'mon Guys, This is America! We screw up and we bounce back even stronger. There have been alot of mistakes and we have both parties to thank for that. Yes, BOTH.

W was the best thing that could have happened for the Democratic agenda. Maybe we will be saying that about the new administration in a few years. Or maybe, Obama will deliver on some advantageous change.

Either way, it will be OK.

And I will admit here and now, That I did worry about McCain's age AND his liberal record.

Terra said...

email me at and I will send you my menu this weekend!


Dr. Wifey said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! you and i sound a lot alike - politically at least! i may not have voted for the guy, but he is the president now and i will support him

Tabitha Blue said...

Well put and I'm totally with you! I was asleep by the time this all unfolded... and I'm a little glad that I was. We have a new president, and though I'm in the same boat as you, I'm hopeful for good change. I really hope it turns out good...

So glad you "stumbled" by!! Look forward to getting to know you better!!


Tooj said...

I voted for and whole-heartedly support and believe in Barack Obama. I have read MANY blogs over this past week, and many of them lean your direction. I do believe yours is the first that I've read from a conservative viewpoint that hasn't left me feeling completely disappointed, hurt, and personally offended. And it says a lot when I get offended because when it comes to people I don't know, I typically don't care! :) I believe you have the right outlook, and I truly hope and BELIEVE that Obama will prove you wrong and will not disappoint. In response to a comment posted - Obama was never claiming to make people wealthy, he was simply acknowledging the fact that it is FACT our country hasn't worked in a way to allow everyone to work their way up. Statistics show that those who start at the top tend to stay, those that start at the bottom, stay. And that is in large part due to the attitude "private sector" knows best. Private sector does what's best for private sector - there has been a HUGELY lacking sense of "do unto others" in this country for far too long. Without government interference, women wouldn't vote, Blacks wouldn't vote, Blacks would still be eating in separate lunch diners and riding different busses. Women would certainly be earning much less than what they're earning now, which is still LESS. Government CAN and DOES do good, and I think Obama wants to ensure it's doing good for the MAJORITY of America and not the minority. This is so long and the detail is severely lacking to make my points, and I am so sorry. I was just thrilled to find a conservative post that didn't bring me to tears. Thank you! (found you through SITS roll call)