Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Conspicuously Quiet Today

You probably think that I'm so political. I'm not. You'd be surprised to learn I won't be writing about my political beliefs today, on this, of all days. I've already resigned myself not to be bitter, regardless of the outcome.

To be perfectly honest, I'm an idealist and I was especially heartbroken to finally admit to myself the many disappointments of the the W regime...many intelligent people in that cabinet and so many mistakes. But one man, one administration, does not change me.

OK, I'll say this one thing, I am decidedly conservative. I am for smaller government in scope and size. I believe more taxpayers and less welfare equals lower taxes and better quality of life for everyone. Just so you know.

I heard myself (and could not stop) saying these words to my neighbors yesterday in the street, "The government should not define marriage. It is a religious sacrament and has already been defined by the Bible. It's out of the scope of the government. Sorry to offend you, that's what I believe."

Remember Church Lady?

The one man in the circle started walking away backwards. So it is because I've already unloaded (and thrown away my chance at the trophy next year) that I don't NEED to get it out here...

There are no good, OOPS, I meant to say "easy" choices this election. What the media will not bring up, I will not either.

You won't hear a word about the meteoric rise of this amazing man, Barrack Obama. I mean, he was only just sworn in as a US senator in January of 2005. Then in 2006, he starts campaigning for the top job... Imagine if he went to work for Shell in 2005 and just three years later, lands the job of CEO of Shell Oil to begin in 2009. Now that would be something, wouldn't it? Some might call it amazing and question his readiness, but not me.

I haven't heard much about Obama's voting record or lack-thereof. I mean, he was on the job for just a year when he started campaigning and just two years when he started campaigning hard. And he called in sick alot during important votes, so I can't really pass judgement on his stance because its unclear to me, so I won't bring it up.

Let's just keep religious beliefs out of the discussion because, after all, that's private. If, by law, you can worship in public then doesn't it follow that you should be able to worship in secret? If The Very Reverend Jeremiah Wright believes that blacks should take care of blacks first and foremost, then I don't have a problem with that. But if you change the word "black" to "white," then its a problem. There's no problem here, and anyway Obama says he never heard such a thing in 20 years at that church. It makes me feel all warm and comfortable knowing we're of the same faith, even though we've already said religion is not part of the job...I'm hypocritical that way.

I haven't heard much about the character of the man who will be president. I just like to know, you know? I must be getting old because I'm suspicious of such a stellar rise and the capital that's been quietly raised to get him the job...who is behind all that money? Who are his friends and $ supporters and what do they know about him that I should know?

The media doesn't dare touch the subject of his Muslim ties and so neither will I. But it is interesting that the man spent formidable years attending a Muslim school. In fact, he's spent more time in Muslim-tutelage than he's spent in congress. No one thinks he is aligned with the radical Muslims that hate the US, but it wouldn't surprise me to think he is more sympathetic to the Islamic culture given his background. But I've never heard him or anyone else acknowledge that and the mere suggestion would be imprudent.

I will say, at the risk of sounding ignorant, that it's us against them in Afghanistan. I'm for us and anything that saves the lives of our troops, at any cost. I have a son and God help me if the day comes that he must go off to war. But I think both candidates agree.

So if this man, with fundamentally different ideals and very foreign experiences than mine, should become president, maybe he's got Divine intervention on his side. He's got all the momentum & charm of the Clinton of '92, plus the unknowns. Maybe that which raises my small-minded doubts could reveal strengths I never imagined. I hope so.

Doesn't God seem to give us what we need and not always what we ask for? If nothing else, the man who will be president will have the power of my prayers for guidance and strength in the job.

Let's see what He says.


Aggie2percenter said...

I'm so glad you're not political.
Is it Divine intervention? Or is it.....SATAN???

chacha said...

Right on about the gov't defining marriage. It's already defined by the Bible, or by whatever religion you practice. Which is why I solidly voted No on 8 here in Cali (state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage).

As for Obama's campaign money - I am one who gave him little bits here and there. A large portion of the money came from people like me giving less than $20 several times throughout the year... I don't see anything sinister there. Usually it's the Republicans that have all the campaign $$$ (Bush raised boat-loads in '00 and '04), but it's different this time around.

Girly Stuff said...

You know...I really liked Obama when I saw him on Oprah 2-3 years ago. But I'm not sure why he rose so quickly either. He talks the talk but I am worried about lack of experience. And favors he will owe so many. So right on with the CEO comment.

I swear Oprah singlehandedly has brought him to power! :) Remember when she was all up in his campaign? Then it was in his best interest that she lay low? Imagine the contributions she has made.

I just worry that so many have pinned hopes and expectations on him to solve ALL their problems. Who can accomplish this? The Jr. Senator from Illinois?

But I will be praying for him as I should and want to do. And for our country as a whole. He seems capable and well-intentioned.

Wow. You brought out the politico in me. Not easy to do. I spend my days being Switzerland at work.