Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who do I have to kill to get some Pseudoephedrine!?

'Way I'm feeling, don't think I won't use some of my aforementioned skills to get some juice to clear my nose. I actually dreamed I was at the drug store and the pharmacist was a slightly overweight black man in a police uniform admonishing me from behind the counter. I start hollering-up how "this crap over here doesn't work." He walks over, club in hand, and I'm about to be the victim of some social injustice. Then I wake up to a blistered tongue before I get beat down or get any PSE...(that's how you text it, by the way.)

I think the real injustice is that a nice, repectable suburban lady can't get the drugs she so needs in her time of desire. What, you say...Show my license?...Why would I ever volunteer that?...Do you think they keep some kind of database?...Of course I'm kidding...No, you're crazy!...Fine, I'm stupid, just give me what you have there...You know I'm good for it.


Girly Stuff said...

Are you upset because they wouldn't give you any PSE or because they wouldn't give it to you for a dollar a bottle?

chacha said...

I don't get why they have to card people for pseudoephedrine. I mean, I do get it, but whatever! It's annoying that you can't just walk up, take if off the shelf, and buy it. Now you have to ask the ding-dang pharmacist to give it to you after presenting ID that you are indeed 18 years old or more.

You must be stuffed up. I will put positive thoughts out to the universe for your sinuses.