Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another B-day to Shout About

I think this may be my last Birthday Shout Out because with my condition (shit head) I fully risk forgetting someone very, very important. So we're going to have rules and order here...But its a big-even-rounded-to-the-next-decade Birthday for Erna.

Erna has a straightforward name that any second grader could sound out, yet at her high school graduation ceremony, the principal butchered both her names and said something like Erna McCann...just wrong to do to an 18 year old. So that is how she will be referred to henceforth. Hee, Hee.

Let me share a few reasons why she is wonderful:

1. She bought and wore the bridesmaid dress I picked for my wedding and never complained and even told me that she loved it.

2. She's always willing to try new restaurants, wines and activities of my choosing, even when its not her cup of tea.

3. Once upon a time we were roommates and she was a very considerate person to live with. (Me, not so much, always.)

4. She is forever telling me how beautiful Only Child is even when he acts up around her.

5. Wine cruises.

This picture was taken after more than a few laughs and some liquor, I think. I asked her take my picture for Facebook because I kept hearing from my high school friends that I had to get on and see what everyone was up to. But I decided against it because, do-I-really-care-to-go-over-the-annotated-version-of-the-last-15-years, by email, a dozen times/week? Check out my blog...

Laboring to get the perfect shot, which we agreed was a vain use of thirty minutes, turned silly and then it turned ridiculous and hysterical. In the end we didn't like any of our individual pictures all that much. But we liked this one and we'll forever have a memory of that fun day when we went to lunch and the waitress came to take our order carrying her six month old baby on her hip...only in P-land, Texas.

Happy Birthday, My Dear! You don't look a day over 26 and you look like you had your lips professionally plumped.


Aggie2percenter said...

Ohhhhhh!!!! (Sopranos style)
You're going to stop with the birthday shout outs now?! Wait until December please!

The Micker said...

Aw, thanks Superstar! How very kind of you to sing my praises. I hope by your comments that you don't think you've missed my birthday, 'cause you haven't. (my mother thought she did though, thanks Judy, lol).
You got my mangled nicknames a little mixed up. Even worse than Erna is Erwin, which is how I graduated from high school. Erna is the one my nephew gave me because he had trouble with his 'r's. He had a good excuse, at least. It seems to have stuck, though, as several people have called me that from time to time :).
I do miss our wine cruises. We had such fun.

Girly Stuff said...

John must be referring to your own birthday in December!

I like your shout out. You have such a way with compliments.

Do you remember when we graduated high school and you made those magazine collages for each of us? You go way back with the clever shout outs.

By the way, you look good a little tipsy. It must be the crazy eyes.