Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Common Sense Advice from the Peanut Gallery

If you think its a good idea to drive to the Galleria with your whole family on a Saturday afternoon so you can eat at the Cheesecake Factory, just stick needles under your fingernails and wiggle them around instead.

It is so much fun trying to create diversions for two whining hungry children for an hour while you marvel at your optimism and wonder, "How did we both agree to this madness?"

That'll be our Galleria experience for the next five years.

What was the last thing you can't believe you paid for?


Jill said...

OH MY GOSH.. the Galleria is such a mess on the weekends. I made the huge mistake of going on a Saturday during the Holidays one year. Never again!

You probably know this but there's a Cheesecake Factory in Sugar Land. It might be closer and less crowded. :)

Tooje said...

The trick to eating out with multiple children? Snacks in the purse and a joint meal.


You know kids can't contain their hunger pains and as a result their whining. SO, stick snacks in your purse or diaper bag. Healthy ones preferably since I anticipate this being the majority of their dinner.

Let them snack during menu seeking time and during the waiting period. When you order, only order ONE meal for the children, or more accurately, one meal for 2 children...two meals for 4 children, etc. Do the math.

Ask for an extra plate.

When the meals arrive, split the kids meal you ordered and divvy it up onto two plates.

The kids stay quiet and happy while snacking, you save money by purchasing fewer kids' meals, and they'll probably still continue to eat the meal you ordered because the snacks you handed out in rationed portions didn't totally fill them up! :)

Pamela said...

We rarely go to The Galleria. Can't even remember the last time we decided to go down there. We tend to head up to The Woodlands but I hear The Galleria does have a Lego store now so I am sure we will be trying to figure out the maze of traffic and road construction so we can marvel at that store.
As for car salesman I could never agree with you more! I always have to try and remind myself they are just trying to make a living but they annoy me to no end!! I am a get in and get out kinda gal. If they start jerking with us I start getting testy and tell um we are walking. It is simple we tell them what we want to do and they say yes or no and that is it.