Monday, April 26, 2010

Ten Things I'd rather do than Sell Cars for a Living

Pick the gunk out from underneath the toe nails of perfect strangers

Work the 4 am bathroom clean up crew at House of Pies

Work at the MAC counter (just making sure you're listening...)

Sell just about anything else

Work the fry side (or the grill side) at Denny's

"Beeeeeer and PEEEE'nuts!"

Survey-taker at the mall

Road kill disposal crew


Nose hair groomer


chacha said...

Damn! Though the more I think about the idea of selling cars, the more I feel like I might agree. Though working the fryolator might be even with car salesman. Depends on the car, too. I'd probably choose selling Hondas over making McDonald's fries. But picking out toe-gunk (as long as I get to wear gloves) is probably still better than selling cars.

Why the animosity with car sales?

Terra said...

I am right their with ya! Glad to see a post from you too! How is that little fam of yours?

Tooj said...

Are you selling cars right NOW? I'd be confused if that's what you're up to. :)

I would only hate selling cars if I was selling poopy ones. That said, at this stage in my car buying life, I could only work at a Honda Dealership. Love my Hondas.

I hope all is well with the bigger household. Happy Thursday.

Picky said...

Sorry. I'm so repulsed by the first one that I can't read any further.

Picky said...

I'm so grossed out by the first one I can't read any further.