Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

My sister Blanche just sent me the sweetest email with parenting reflections and advice. When she was a mother of young kids, I was still in high school and didn't notice what an amazing job she was doing until...hmm, about four years ago.

Now my sister's kids are in high school and college and all that love and patience has resulted in what anyone would call an enviable relationship between the parents and the children. They are a very close family.

I want that! So I thought I'd open the floor up for more wisdom.

What do you want to share with me about going from a one-child household to splitting my energy between two (actually three) boys? Or any other parenting advice you'd like to give me; I'd love to hear it!

(I should warn you, I've already mastered the "let the housework go" advice.)

On a silly note, my friend Kitty has a 4 year old named Boston. He's cute enough to be a Ralph Lauren model (both of her kids are) and his sweet nature is just as lovely. He's being pursued by a little girl, Hailey, at day care, but he already has a sweetheart named Bailey, so he told Hailey in a little kid way that he's off the market.

This tidbit is taken directly off an email from Kitty and I think its priceless!

So I told you all about Hailey asking Boston to marry him. Well,
On Tuesday, September 1 (our 8 year anniversary), my little baby boy got his first kiss on the lips from a girl !!!!!! (PS, I asked, he liked it). Of course, it was Hailey, she ambushed him behind a bookshelf. (Little hussy)

Well, on Wednesday I picked him up and asked him if he played with Hailey today and he said "No, she told me she had a headache and didn't want to play with me"

Then Hannah [7 year old sister] adds, "That was nice, she didn't want Boston to get her headache"

'Fast little girl!

And God knows what he's doing giving me two little boys.


Terra said...

Kids are HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing that last part!!!

On parenting...I am in NO Place to give advice right struggles are abundant!

Mother Hood said...

Cute story! As far as the parenting advice. I would just encourage you to let Only feel like he's a very important big brother.

Give him "big boy" tasks like fetching the pacifier, grabbing a diaper or a toy for the baby. It not only helps you, but makes him feel important. And will help him foster a servant's heart.

chacha said...

Damn, kissing boys (even if it's a peck) at 4!!!?? Maybe it is better to have boys.

Girly Stuff said...

Let's see...

Make sure Only can't reach in and "help" get the baby out of his crib.

Or crawl in with him.

Or give him matchbox cars to "play" with.

Or tip over the pack-n-play to "get" the baby out.

Should I go on and on and on?

Having 2 boys is the best!

lo said...


Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh that's funny. I didn't realize the whole "I have a headache" thing starts so early!

Pamela said...

Too Too funny! I was actually warned by the fabric lady at HobLob today to keep my boys close because of the girls! The boys were both at school for the first time and she just chatted away at me for like 30 minutes. Ms. Pat is great though.
As for words of wisdom in juggling boys, just make sure you tell um how much you love them ALL the time. Oldest use to say "yeah yeah mom you already told me that" but now instead just comes up to me and says "Mom I love you". It warms my heart! He even gives Littliest a kiss good bye in the morning every now and then! So sweet he is. My boys are both very loving.
Mother Hood has great advice! Oldest use to feed Littliest...all on his own. I have a pic and it still is one of my faves 4 yrs later. His job that I did assign to him was to always go and get a poopoo bag..aka WM and Target bags. Littliest just the other day told me to stop collecting them because we no longer need them. I guess its habit.

Tooj said...

Ugh. No kissing. Not at this age. I should ask TO if he's been kissed yet. I hope not. It's just too young! Nooooooooooooo!


Okay....*deep breath*...I'm better, thanks for asking.

Advice? Don't kill yourself. I think it DOES get better. I think.

The American Homemaker said...

My daughter was kissed twice in preschool. LOL And all three of my kids have many people with crushes on them... I hear it all the time from parents at their school. Yikes! My biggest worry is Nina, my 12 yr old who's really turning into a little hottie. Time to lock her in a tower :(

Advice? I haven't had a baby in 8 yrs... I barely remember what it's like. LOL