Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Minute Nesting

Nesting instinct kicking in? Check.

Freaking out a little bit? Check.

Buying Frenzy? Little bit

I have been sleeping worse than ever this week thinking about all that I still have to do and what if the baby should come earlier than September 24th, as planned?

I also found out recently that my that my anemia went from bad to worse. So now I'm on strict orders to get it together or face the possibility of a blood transfusion.

Yuck, who wants that!? I can't believe that someone so (shall we say) rubenesque, could be so anemic! I'm indulging famously, I just didn't realize Blue Bell is not considered a good source of iron...So I'm taking the pills faithfully and putting up with the tree bark effect. TMI?

Exhaustion had the better of me for the last month, but I'm over it. There's too much to do. I still pant at the slightest exertion, but I'm thinking its considered a sultry thing here in the south.

Girly Stuff sounded a little exasperated with me on the phone last week because of my slow progress in getting important pre-baby things done. My procrastination is not new to her, but it does tend to vex the type A people in my life. To her credit, that disapproval was just what I needed to give me a jump start in the nesting-thing.

Last week I bought an assortment of "sexy" nursing lingerie and the obligatory grown up pajamas for the hospital (not a snap button duster, but better than my usual tank top/boxer look.) I threw that along with some granny panties into the hospital bag.

Checked one more thing off my list.

I never liked the wood-framed glider we bough for Only Child. I wanted an upholstered rocker in the new baby's room, so I've been trolling craigs list for months. I found this small club chair at a steal because the mom said it doesn't rock well on carpet. So now I have an ugly glider that works great, and a great-looking rocker that may or may not do the trick. I'd say that's balance. (Its in such good condition, I'm considering a slip cover to protect it from spit up. That's crazy, right?)

I been online until the wee hours picking out this and that and trying to wrap up the other projects that have my mind racing in all directions when I should be sleeping.

Painters are scheduled for Friday.

I still have to pick out a crib bedding (this is one of three sets I'm considering) and some fabric for the windows. I have to buy a few cute pieces of art like this or this and this that I saw on Etsy. I'm picturing a vintagey-mod room, with soft, washed colors because this is going to be my laid-back baby.

(Most people don't know, I didn't, but you can custom order the temperament of baby you desire.)

I have asked MMA very nicely to get all the baby stuff down from the attic so I can launder, sort and put things away. He's also in charge of furniture assembly. This may require some beer drinking and having a guy friend over to talk about the sweet life they left behind for fatherhood.

Girly Stuff is coming over the Saturday after next to direct the DIY projects and to help arrange all the pretties in the nursery. We'll probably eat Chick fil A and talk about our kids and our post-baby bodies and how we keep getting better and better with age.

I AM going to sleep better tonight knowing that things are finally coming together.


Terra said...

Hang in there - the whirlwind is just beginning!!! I love those owls where did you find them? I also can't remember when your due and you probably typed it 1000 times...

Aggie2percenter said...

It's all coming together.

Bonnie said...

I'm so excited for you. Hopefully if you keep taking the iron you won't need the blood transfusion. Hang in there, sounds like you have everything under control!

chacha said...

I love the owls print. $10 is a steal (though I forgot to check the size, it isn't a steal if it's the size of a postcard. Anyway.)

September 24! That is very soon - that means I indirectly met the little bugger at Cracker Barrel back in Feb! Ha! Glad to hear GS is keeping you on schedule.

Girly Stuff said...

Well, you are good at keeping me neutralized in my own life. You know what the important things in life are all about.

But I am loving the Nesting flurry. I can't wait to get the nursery done! We will be blogging it in no time!

I cannot believe how anemic you are! I know you like yourself some meat!

Wendy said...

Yay! Things are looking good. Hang in there! :)

Tooj said...

You know, I had to take those iron pills with my first babe, and it had the opposite..well, not opposite, but sort of opposite effect. It didn't stop it up, but instead I was very, very regular. Weird, huh? I'm wondering what happened with Only Child's crib? Did you get rid of it? Those things are so expensive that I kept every single piece of baby crap we had. LOL I'm cheap like that, but all this buying you're talking about sounds heavenly. I cannot WAIT until our daycare bills ease up.....*big sigh*
Get to feeling better and get some rest. It goes without saying, I'm sure...but enjoy! :)

Woman Interrupted said...

Still have the crib. It was his older cousin's crib and he slept in it until about six months ago! Now he's got another older cousin's bunk beds.

My SILs have been very generous with the hand me downs and the baby gifts.

Live.Love.Eat said...

How exciting. When are you due? Oh I think I just saw someone write the 9/24. Cool beans. Wow.