Saturday, July 11, 2009

Words of Wisdom

My almost four-year-old often catches me off-guard. It's easy to forget that I'm talking to someone so young because he is the best company and a marvelous conversationalist. He's becoming a little man right before my awe-struck eyes.

Only Child asked me to play trains with him this morning. I said, "not right now" because I was trying to get my precious computer time in. (He hardly naps any more so I hardly blog anymore.) He said, "C'mon mommy, the computer will wait for you."

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the morning playing Thomas and Duncan, because, how could I argue with that?

Last week I took him to get a haircut and asked the lady to go a little shorter this time because its been so hot and his hair is 'fro-ing two weeks after a cut. She cut it WAY shorter than ever before. When he got home he looked in the bathroom mirror and feigned crying. When I asked him what was the matter, he said, (still acting for my benefit) "all my beautiful curls are gone!"

Interesting, how I disparage my curls and yet I love my curls on him. But more importantly, I'm glad he loves his curls. In fact, he seem to love everything about himself and that is an example we could all learn from.

Time is such an abstract concept to a small child. Five minutes. One hour. Next week...its a slow process to grasp the meaning of these words. And you can only learn these increments by experiencing them for yourself.

Last December, Mrs. Santa Clause came to visit Only Child's preschool and she asked him if he was excited about Christmas. He responded, "Yes, but its taking SO long to get here!"

Can he get an Amen?

He's been asking me all week, "How long until my birthday?" and "How long until we leave for the beach?" I keep saying, "Saturday, we leave Saturday," and then I rattle off the days until we leave.

So today he finally said with a sense of excitement and relief, "Tomorrow, that means after this's going to be my birthday!"

"Well, tomorrow, after this night, we leave for the Galveston, but your birthday is not for two more nights."

Sounding just like his dad, he got all exasperated and threw his hands in the air, "Ahhh! This is taking forever! I'm so frustrated!"
I was beaming inside at his commanding sense of self.

I love his little mind.

And a final nugget of proof that my little boy is wiser than men ten times his age: everyday recently, when I've been needing to hear it most, he remembers to say, "Mommy, you look so beautiful. I love you." And he hugs and kisses my big round belly.

I love that boy!

From a recent and rare dress up night


Girly Stuff said...

He is so sweet! Just like him momma!

You guys have fun in Galveston!

Aggie2percenter said...

I wonder if he realizes how little time there is before he is no longer only child.

Happy birthday weekend OC! We're going to have fun.

chacha said...

Chica, you look like a hot momma. Aside from the obvious small soccer ball under you dress, you don't even look prego. :o)

Kellie said...

Only child speaks the truth....You look so beautiful! Just radiant!

Tooj said...

Your Only Child reminds me so much of my T.O. Sweet but self-assured...and they're about a year apart so developmentally, it's fun to hear your stories. I'm not sure that T.O. would have feigned crying, however. I think he would have had tears. He LOVES his curls. As does his older brother. And you look like a HOT mama in that photo!! I don't see an ounce of change in your face from your profile pic to this one. And for that, I am jealous. Insanely so.

Jill said...

Ahhh...sweet stories about Only Child.

Have fun at the beach and you look fantastic!

Anna said...

Lucky you to have a loving son. Count your blessings.

chacha said...

I need you email so I can respond to all your comments! Anyway, it wasn't auto-posting your comment since you were commenting a post that was old - so they were waiting for approval :o)

Anyway, yes, I have laid tile upstairs with cement board before. Depending on the thickness of your subfloor (i.e. plywood) you can either use hardibacker (which is easier to work with) or cement board. Likely, you have 5/8" plywood like most houses which means you should use cement board which is thicker than hardibacker. There are special screws you buy (too bad I don't live close - I have a ton left over from 4 years ago) to screw it down to the plywood. There's also a special cutter and scorer that you need (have both, too - you should ditch TX and move here! Ha!). Anyway, email me if have questions about this tile business - this comment is an epistle already.

Tooj said...

So....I know you aren't a regular everyday blogger....more like a couple times a week. BUT...I am checking in anyhow. When is that baby due? Are you MIA for that reason or for no reason other than you don't want to blog? Just checking.....I like to stalk but you aren't posting anything for me to stalk. :) Happy Monday!

Aubrey said...

Hey! I'm new to your blog, so this might sound a little weird. I noticed that you cooked pulled pork from the Pioneer Woman a while ago

URL here:

and I just wondered how long you cooked yours in the crockpot. If you could let me know ( that would be great. Thanks so much!

The American Homemaker said...

You do look beautiful!