Tuesday, January 20, 2009

She's my "Laaaa-deh!"

It's official. The new administration is in the house and Mr. and Mrs Bush are by now on a plane headed back for the Crawford Ranch. They'll probably be dining on King Ranch Chicken, guacamole and margaritas tonight to celebrate...that's how I picture them: laid back, Texas upper crust.

This one's for you, Laura:

Good-bye, Lady. Southern girl, done good! You crossed the finish line and never broke a sweat. The twins are out of college and involved in serious endeavors and respectable relationships. (Chuys shenanigans behind them, book deals and all!)

I admired your style, your charitable involvement and your sense of humor. (I guess you need that when you've married, um, W.)

Good-bye, Laura, school teacher, book-lover, Mom, First Lady. You really did fulfill the promise of bringing dignity back to the White House and acted the part of a "Lady" every step of the way! Hopefully, your successors will learn from your example. You will be missed!

I can't wish my fond farewells without saying something about this significant day. The Democrats get a turn, now. If I was ten years younger and had less life and work experience, I'd say, "A black president, so what." But I know enough (barely) to be amazed at this new era for politics and life, in general. Good for us!

I still don't like big government, but I acknowledge that my party lost its mind and needs to rethink who we are and where we're headed. We need someone with strong personality, with a perfect balance of class and street cred to embody this new identity. If the "Good Old Boys club" days are not completely behind us, shall we say, we're moving in the right direction? I sincerely hope so!

My pick for one to watch? George P. Bush...remember him speaking at the GOP convention in '04? He was dubbed the Ricky Martin of the GOP, or did I make that up? (It's cool, I'm a peep.) His mom's a Colombian princess or something (again, I could have made that up.)

"P" is from the lone line of Hispanic Bushes. (That's lone.)

Pedigree: Check
Law Degree: Check
Ivy League Educated:
Almost, Rice U
Minority: Check plus bonus points (because Latin is the new majority, doncha know?)
Hollywood Connections: Does going to high school with Enrique Iglesias count?
Political Connections: Check and Check

I don't know anything about his politics, but I think he could be a promising new face for the GOP.

Good night, and Good-bye.


chacha said...

Laura is a class act - she was in my sorority in college (along with Lynn Cheney, and Cindy McCain).

And, interesting thing with Laura, before she married "W" she was a Democrat :o) I see her as more in the center than her husband.

Terra said...

well said my lady, well said. Almost shed a tear for Laura...

Girly Stuff said...

I picture them doing the same thing right about now. You should totally give them your butt burner recipe now. They could have HH this Friday too!

How do you remember George P.?

You are crazy. And yes...I now remember him too...the Ricky Martin comment is legit.

Terra said...

Thanks for coming by my blog again! I would love to email you when you leave comments (as they often make me giggle or at least smile) but I can't find an email address for you. if you want send me an email you can find my email address in my profile and I will respond to your comments

Aggie2percenter said...

More in the center than W? W is WAY left of center for a republican (IMO).
I like the bit about George P. Maybe he'll give The Governator a run for his money in 2016.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hi there. Thanks so much for the blogby and saying hello. You seem to know your politics and I admire that, especially since I don't know much on it. I tend to run the other way, but there is a nice change going on for sure!!!!!

Kristy said...

Found your blog through Christie's (A Few of My Favorite Things). I actually noticed your pic by your comment, & thought that has to be the Gulf of Mexico...I grew up near Panama City, & nowhere else have I seen that kind of white sand & sea oats...& what do you know...saw on your profile you're from Texas!! Love your post on Laura Bush. My father met Barbara Bush years ago when the 1st George was in office. He said he had never met a classier lady, other than my mother of course! ;) Laura was certainly refreshing to the White House! I'm Republican as well, & although I didn't always agree with all the policies, Pres. Bush always upheld moral issues. They are truly good people in my book! I will miss her...such class.

Kristy said...

Oh yeah, I saw the 1st comment about her original affiliation as a Democrat. I know in the South, many were/are Democrats because of the tradition & the ability to have more say in the primaries...historically, that is. My parents just changed to Republican in the 2004 elections.

Kellie said...

Your reference to King Ranch chicken almost made me spit my coffee out in laughter.

And I make it a habit not to waste coffee!!!

I gave birth to both my kiddos in different cities in Texas. And if one person brought us King Ranch Chicken for dinner, 100 people did!!!

Jill said...

I love Laura Bush. Great tribute to her.