Thursday, November 13, 2008

"It's Friday! Field Trip Day! Its Fun People, Fun Time!"

If you have kids, you've seen the blithe and spirited Madagascar and you know what I'm talkin' about. When we start quoting scenes from that one, its closing in on the weekend and Fridays at our place are infamously merry.

I've always loved the idea of happy hour. I'm all about finger foods, festive cocktails, and a smidge of debauchery. So, to me, HH is an excuse for a weekly-party!

After we moved to Pearland, where the HH scene is flousy, we started a tradition -- Friday night cocktails at home. MMA occasionally took in a cigar, the drinks flowed, munchies maybe...By the time we made it to dinner, the nice families were clearing out and it was perfect for us.

That was our thing for a couple of years. We modified it to mock-tails while I was pregnant and then started up again after the baby was finally sleeping through the night. But as a baby gets older, you may know, dining out becomes a chore; therein, we evolved again.

Now we break out the beverages no later than 6. Even kids get to have a pretty drink with a cherry or an umbrella. Dinner is melange of finger foods like Buffalo Chicken tenders, chips and salsa, stuffed mushrooms, mini corn dogs, egg rolls, and my signature "Butt Burners."

Some of it's frozen and some is home made. But it's 100% magically-delicious. We don't worry about eating at the table or getting our veggies in because "Its Fun People Fun Time!"

If you drive by my cul-de-sac on a Friday night, you will see a whole mess-a-kids running around playing and the adults enjoying a cold one, because Superstar's Cocktail Hour has caught on! (I called it, so I'm taking credit.)

I can't wait to share my Butt Burner recipe with you tomorrow. This is the frat-house-lil'-sis of appetizers: they are cheap and easy and everyone loves 'em!


Girly Stuff said...

We might have to start this tradition. I plan on Margaritas and nachos. Us and the 99cent store neighbors. Do you think he would supply the plastic margarita glasses?

Can't wait for the butt burner recipe.

Michelle said...

I think it is great that you made time for fun and it includes the family. I bet the kids enjoy their cute little drinks :)

Aggie2percenter said...

Looking forward to HH tonight. Maybe M will break out the cubans (if K says it's OK).

Miss Priss said...

Woman Interrupted, you make me laugh!!! When you gonna make Girly Stuff bring you for another visit? Have a good weekend!