Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet MMA

Last night MMA took charge, like the man that he is, and rocked out a big decision for us: who would be replacing the roof Hurricane Ike knocked off our house. This particular repair has been wearing on us both, but mostly him, because we have internal damages that can't be fixed until the roof is secure.

Now, when it comes to making important decisions, especially for big purchases, I get all indecisive and agonize over it for as long as he will let me. He is type A, pragmatic and ready to move forward. The fact that roof prices have almost doubled in our area is of no consequence to him because "we need a roof and it costs what it costs."

I think its time I formally introduce MMA to you girlfriends, from my point of view. After all, he's such a major influence in the delicious chaos that is Superstar. We met in college at Texas A&M University when I was still technically a teenager. We've grown up together and come a long way, doncha' think?

MMA got the nickname because he loves the sport of mixed martial arts. He's been following it for a couple of years as a spectator, then decided to switch from boxing in our garage gym (which is totally decked out) to taking classes and sparring at Elite Martial Arts.

My Manly Athlete has a day job, but would like nothing better than to make a living as a professional athlete. Not for the fame and fortune but because he's got the heart of a champion. He loves the hurt of a good workout. In fact, he makes grueling workouts look so easy, I wonder if it hurts him like it does the rest of us. He's in the best shape of anyone I know. Sound too cool for me, yet?

Then there's this whole Freudian thing I've realized over the years. I married my dad...a guy just like dear old dad. On first impression, he seems all serious and tense. He's a man of few words and doesn't favor small talk. But those who know him see a lighter side, a juvenile playful side, a terse sense of humor. Most strikingly like dad, MMA is a family man, a hard worker and a good provider. There are some differences of course, but then dad and MMA had vastly different childhood experiences.

Also worth mentioning, MMA has great genes. My brother's wife commented to me at my wedding shower how good-looking all of his family is. Its true. I knew we would have beautiful children, but what I didn't know is that his genes would so overpower mine as to edge them out in Only Child (Exhibit A.)

Three random things I love about MMA:

1. He enjoys almost every meal I put in front of him (or makes me think he does.)
2. His shaved bald head.
3. He loves his Mom. It's a simple thing that says volumes about a man and how he was raised.


Girly Stuff said...

It's MMA as I have never seen him! Nice shout out to the hubby. Stop with the "I have hideous genes," Superstar...your genes are as cute as MMA's! Just remember, yours won't need any "work." You'll still look this good when you're 88!

Aggie2percenter said...

You're too kind. I'm flattered. Let's just hope that "Only Child" got your brains. I think he did. He definately got your...what the French call "I don't know what."

mike said...

All I can say is I hope John doesn't find out about this MMA fella...