Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's not forget the Pretty Boys...

Tit for tat. Since talking about beautiful people seems to be such a popular subject of blog got a quick shout out on 1560 The Game yesterday, (Thanks Ken and David) I thought it would be fun to talk about some pretty men.

There are no salacious men in the local media. It seems being "good" is enough to get you a chair and keep-it-for-like-50-years, Dave Ward. Does anyone else change the channel before Before We Go?

Not to worry. In addition to my fetish for keeping up with the local media, I also have a thing for HGTV. Yes, and a soft spot for beautiful men who can do shock and awe on your window treatments and are dressed to kill, besides.

My top three picks for pretty boy Design Darlings are the epitome of beauty, talent and panache. Is there a girl out there who wouldn't love to share a chai tea and pour over House Beautiful with any one of these sweeties? Doubt they'll be talkin' about me on the radio tomorrow...

David Bromstad

He's the guy that won the first Design Star. Now he hosts Color Splash where he always leaves the lucky client with an original piece of signed artwork. He manages about three outfit changes per 30 minute episode while his side kick Danielle does all the dirty work.
Anyone catch his "Make life thizzle" commercial? Lisp and all, we love him 'cause he's darling and no one can argue with his flamboyant design skills. (Did you know that "flamboyant" comes from the french word flamboyer meaning "to flame"?) I wish he'd flambe' my dining room.

Nate Berkus

Nate is to design what Rachael Ray is to food. There's his pretty face on the cover of Out magazine (...collective sigh.) He's got at least one book out, a line of lovlies at Linens N Things and list list of celebrity clients.

Nate, Precious Nate, please come have your way with my kitchen, please.

Marc Bartolomeo

This Romeo is the electrician/carpenter from Save My Bath and In a Fix. Cute, huh?

Marc is the only potential metro of the bunch; although he does call himself "Sparky." And he is a part-time DJ and underwear model. Hmmmm. Either way, he's a cutie and a live wire and I have three bathrooms in my house with Marc's name on them.

Advance props to MMA who is hearing about all my designer boyfriends for the first time. He'll be the first to tell you that real men don't watch HGTV. But he is nothing if not a good sport and Superstar's biggest fan.

Which TV designer would you pick to do your home?


Christie said...

Ooh, give me Marc on the floor in my bathroom anyday.

Now that sounded extra dirty, didn't it? Sigh...

Aggie2percenter said...

Funny, but I'm not threatened by these ....guys.

Girly Stuff said...

We can't have Nate 'cause Oprah's got him (and Obama).

So I'll take David. How does he work in a tank top scene in every show? His sidekick definitely gets all the dirty work. On one show it showed them getting ready in the morning. Her hair is kinky and the poor thing has to flat iron it every morning on top of painting his walls. Absurd.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) take a look that emo boy one over this blog: