Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Hardest Friends to Make

Let me begin by saying I heart my girlfriends. They are in a class by themselves. All of them. Each of you, I heart you!

Guy friends, mmm, I have one or two of those. But my main squeeze requires and deserves the lion's share of my male admiration these days. So I'm not filling any new positions. Except...

When the man comes as a package deal with his significant other. A "Couple's friendship." I motion that these elusive CFs are the hardest and rarest kind that exists.

By definition (made up just now by me) a couple's friend is when 2 couples can hang out and everyone enjoys everyone's company. AND, the girls have to be side friends on their own, AND, the guys have to be side friends on their own. Otherwise, someone's just being polite and hanging out with "your friend and her husband" or whatever the scenario. And sure, sometimes couples friends start out that way, but to be a true "CF" everyone has to like everyone independently.

That's a tall order wouldn't you say? Think of all the permutations. Think of all the personalities that have to meld for this beautiful thing to blossom. Think of all the near misses because someone's little quirk threw the whole thing off. I had a promising CF thwarted because MMA couldn't take the girl's laughter. In truth, there were other issues we later discovered but it was so dissapointing at the time.

So we had the wonderful pleasure to have lunch with one of our very very few CF yesterday. All the stars were aligned to make it happen with no kids and on a week day, no less. We left our lunch double date feeling relaxed, joyful, uplifted, reassured of goodness in the world. We ate well, laughed often, spoke kindly and listened to each other with genuine interest. MMA was at ease and at his wittiest. I felt prettier, funnier, a real Superstar. During the course of lunch we learned new things to admire and appreciate about our friends.

I love the way things can work out when God puts people together. He plans such wonderful things for us and friendships of all kinds must be one the best treats in His snack dish. I wish I could advertise and find a few more CF to sweeten our lives. But I realize it doesn't work that way. And if it did, the ones we have wouldn't be as special.

More about my priceless girlfriends later.


John said...

You are a Superstar! Great posts! You rock my world!

Girly Stuff said...

I think john is a bit biased. Nice post...john and richard are totally holding us back from being a CF! or maybe it's the 45 minute drive...