Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Girly Stuff! And....a look back to our High School Years

She's sweet, she's smart, she's Girly and she's got really nice suff. By now you've seen how she can make Target bedding look like a million bucks (with a little help from Cottage Chick....) Let's face it, the Girl's got mad decorating skills. Her home is not only beautiful, its peaceful because she never raises her voice at her kids and always gives her husband the benefit of the doubt. Don't even start with her business savvy. I want to brag on her, but I know I shouldn't.

There are so many wonderful stories to tell that are meaninful examples of the kind of girl she really is. But I'll let her tell her stories and just share some of my recollections from the early days of our friendship.

In high school, where we first met, I wanted to be just like her. Good grades, perfect spiral perm/pouf, always put together (with help from her way put together momma...hey there Brenda. You're fabulous!) Remember Units? She was kickin' the Units outfits before anyone else and she had like 30 different combinations. She could have been Junior Miss Baybrook Mall if such a thing existed. I was jealous. So as not to player-hate, I made friends with her instead.

Everyone loved her. The girls, the boys, and especially the teachers loved GS because she was always polite and nice and never in an Eddie Haskell sort of way. And not in a pushover sort of way, either. Girls always fancy them self the Carrie Bradshaw of the group. She really is the Carrie Bradshaw and as you can imagine, I'm Samantha!!

But enough about me. Happy Birthday to a very special Girl. Happy Birthday, Girly Stuff. You look just like Hillary Duff, and not a day over 26.

You make my world a better place!



Girly Stuff said...


Seriously, thank you...

You made me laugh and cry in the same moment...only you can pull that off Cheapskate!

I have loved our friendship for every moment of the last 20 years...

Love You!
Girly Stuff

chacha said...

Great post! Good thing I read it so I could send Miss GS a happy b-day email.

I don't remember the units thing though. Perm yes. I think I may be a year or two behind you gals... :o)

Girly Stuff said...

I sent you something on my blog...